Focus Area

Nonprofit Continuity of Operations

This prong of the COVID-19 Relief Fund supported our nonprofit partners in southwest Iowa whose budgets were severely strained as a direct result of the pandemic.

Arts/Museums Housing Wellness
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“We are so thankful to be a part of a generous and supportive community, and appreciate the generosity of the Iowa West Foundation.”

Tom Emmett
Executive Director of the Dodge House.


Pottawattamie, Arts, Culture & Entertainment's Hoff Center was open for less than one month when the pandemic hit and closed their doors. The organization received a $25,000 grant to cover nonprofit operations.


Many nonprofits were forced to increase staff or send employees home. Nonprofit operations grants like the ones for Children's Square for $33,000 allowed for the supply to meet the demand, and for organizations with closed doors to keep workers on payroll.

Service Adaption

Many organizations needed funds to adapt their model of service during the pandemic. The YMCA of Greater Omaha is an example. They received approximately $95,000 in grants to continue offering outlets for wellness.