2020 Financials Report

While uncertainty plagued our nation, the Foundation remained grounded to its mission: to improve lives and strengthen communities for current and future generations. That meant responding to immediate needs, but also thinking about life beyond the pandemic. With the COVID-19 Fund established, additional grant programs and initiative projects were boosted by millions of dollars in programming, capital, and operating funds. This allowed public entities and our nonprofit partners to continue to do the work. Whether that be support for entrepreneurs, human services, or community amenities, the people behind these organizations are the true heroes. We are honored to aid them in their efforts to serve.

2020 Grant Recipients
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In 2020, we partnered with dozens of organizations, directly awarding 65 grants for a total of $16,466,484. Because our funding requires a 50 percent match, that means more than $32 million was infused into our community through nonprofits and public entities.

Brenda Mainwaring
Iowa West Foundation President and CEO

Funds by Focus Area

In 2020 alone, IWF awarded 65 grants & initiatives to nonprofits and government entities in the following four focus areas. COVID-19 grants are reflected in the healthy families funding.

2020 Audited Financials